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restoration & construction

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Giorgio CARLI, is a Veronese restorer and maker of pipe organs pursuing very high standards of quality.


At his workshop, where valuable instruments of great historical and musical importance are restored, his working process involves modern methods of analysis, historical and iconographic research, as well as the constant application of techniques and materials contemporary with the instruments under restoration. Where possible, he bans the blower and prefers to apply the most appropriate automatic bellow lifter for each application.
Among his many restorations he particularly likes to remember:
Its builder is the most renowned representative of that famous family of 16th-century Italian organ builders and this instrument, commissioned by Duke Guglielmo GONZAGA and by Girolamo CAVAZZONI, for many constructional features is unique of its kind.
Its builder (1688-1752) is the most important representative of the veronese-gardesana school which, being inspired both by the Lombard and the Venetian influence, successfully combined the Italian and the North European tastes as well, originating a unique, richly sounding organ type.
Its builder can be rightly considered the father of the Cecilian Reform in Italy and this instrument, wanted by Don Antonio BONUZZI notwithstanding the many controversies raised at that time, represents the forefather of a new taste and its most antique witness preserved.


The new instruments are always built in a single specimen and their design can be inspired by historical instruments or completely original, modelled on particular customer’s requirements. Materials and techniques are always faithful to the historical period or geographical area eventually inspiring the instrument in question. Though particularly specialized as a builder of house, practice and continuo organs, CARLI has built also larger-scale instruments such as S.Paolo in Olbia,  sanctuary S. Maria della Speranza in Battipaglia (Salerno), and sanctuary S. Maria del Suffragio in Trento as well as in the parishes of S. Antonio in Casette di Legnago (Verona) and S. Martino in Cimego (Trento).

Valuable manufactures such as the making of Italian-style reeds and the hammering of sheets are moreover performed in his laboratory, also as contractor.
Giorgio Carli